The Earth has been violated

by her sons.


She is barren.


The King is mad.


Can the death of the

sick King at the innocent

hand of his own mother

atone for the sins

of the sons?








No. It is not enough:

dying, the King tells of the end of the world.



Can the sacrifice of Isla Bella,

daughter of the sun, drowning in her own blood, be

sufficient to stop the serpent of greed devouring her father?




La profecía última del rey

The King's Last Prophecy

by Geoffrey Álvarez


a dream in five operas woven,

 in large part,

from the life and beliefs of

the Kogi of Colombia.











Director Keith Warner:


This really is a piece that

deserves great support and

MUST be furthered:

fresh, original and exciting.




Listen to the death of Isla Bella and the serpent's struggle with the sun here.




Orchestras, choirs, and opera companies

interested in contributing to the development of the project

should and have a glance here

and contact Geoffrey Alvarez for further details.




Scores, performing material

and libretti of the entire nine hour cycle are available from


Geoffrey Alvarez


Perusal scores and libretti may be

downloaded from page seven of the general catalogue