Geoffrey Alvarez: writings











The Musical Times

The Singing Island

Joseph Vella Bondin: The great Maltese composers:

historical contexts, lives and works


The Organ

No 378 Nov 2016-Jan 2017


Shipwrecks, serpents and stars: Fantasies without Fugues


My Music for Organ





Christopher Muscat


Michael Finnissy


Alexander Goehr




Gravesiana: The Journal of the Robert Graves Society


The Significance of the White Goddess for Musical Thought:











Vol. I : Reflets sur Reflets...

The Great Mother in Claude Debussy




Vol. II How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and the Virgin




Vol. III: Heimweh: Pierrot’s Dream-Sighs

Schoenberg’s sleeping spirit of Vegetation misses his Mother

Vol. IV: Ofanim: Berio Reinvents the Wheel

Vol. V: ‘Der Abschied’ Dying, Mahler Bids Farewell to the

Great Hunt and Greets the Song of the Earth



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