Geoffrey Alvarez: Catalogue


Three Pieces for Percussion (1974) 7ʹ

National Yourth Orchestra of Great Britain percussion section 1974


Sinfonietta (1976) 13ʹ

City of London School Orchestra, Fairfield Halls, Croydon,1977

Awarded the Eric Coates Prize for light music, Royal Academy of Music .


Sleep: for Tenor and Piano (1978) 7ʹ

City of London School 1978


Montage for Clarinet, Horn & Orchestra (1979) 14ʹ

Michael Collins, Alvarez Chamber Orchestra, St.Giles Cripplegate 1979


Symphony No.1 (1980) 25ʹ

Alvarez Chamber Orchestra, Giles Cripplegate 1980


TheTell-Tale Heart (Opera) (1981-3) 40ʹ

First staged performance: Royal Academy of Music Opera Department 1984


Brass Etchings (1983) 11ʹ

Farnaby Brass Ensemble, Purcell Room (1985)

Winner of the Josiah Parker composition and Manson performance prizes,

Royal Academy of Music, 1984


Oboe Concerto (1984-85) 25ʹ

Nicholas Daniel, Alvarez Chamber Orchestra, St. Johnʼs Smith Square


Sonata for Violin, Piano, Ring-modulator & Tape (1985) 7ʹ

Barry Anderson, Ron Briefel: Sound Projection (1985)


Variations for Chamber Orchestra (1985) 16ʹ

Anemone, conductor Geoffrey Alvarez, York (1985)


Cello Sonata (1985) 25ʹ

Susan Hargreaves,ʻcello, Dominic Saunders, piano, University of York.

S.P.N.M . shortlisted work


Three Madrigals for Chamber Choir (1986-8) 15ʹ

First Madrigal, B.B.C. Singers, Maide Vale Studios (1993)


Lament in Memoriam Anderson (1987) 17ʹ

University of York Chamber Orchestra, Roger Montgomery, 1987

Winner of the University of York Chamber Orchestra Commission.


Hide and Seek: for Soprano, Bassoon and Live Electronics (1987) 9ʹ


Triptych for Solists, Double-Choir and Orchestra (1986-89) 43ʹ


Four Fragments for Piano (1988) 7ʹ

Dominic Saunders, British Music Information Centre (1990)


Kerbcrawling for Chamber Ensemble (1989)17ʹ

(1) Anemone, York Festival, 1989

(2) Nottingham University (1989)

(3) Oxford University Sinfonia, (1998)


String Quartet (1990) 4ʹ


Sept Piece for Horn & Piano (1990) 6ʹ

Nicholas Korth; Horn, Geoffrey Alvarez; Piano British Music Information Centre, 1997


Obsessions for Flute, Viola and Harp (1990) 8ʹ

Aline Brewer Trio-Royal Overseas League, 1992

Royal Overseas League ʹBernard Shoreʹ Composition Award 1990.


Oboe Quartet (1991) 7ʹ

For Imogen Triner


Funky Good Time for Piano Duet (1991) 6ʹ


Emisori Rites: Chamber Opera for Eight Performers (1991) 150ʹ

Libretto by Sila Kanyua

Soho Theatre and Garden Venture at the

Institute for Contemporary Arts, 4-21 December1991


Songs My Parrot Taught Me * (1992) 40ʹ

Polyphiloi, Conducted by Malcolm Singer, Purcell Room September 1993


The European Story (1992) 15ʹ

Libretto by Ruth Fainlight, published by Sinclair Stevenson, 1995.

Commissioned by The Garden Venture,

conductor Charles Peebles May 1993, Riverside Studios


String Beings for String Quartet and work shop participants, (1993) 10ʹ

Lyric Quartet, Southback Centre 1993

Commissioned by the Southbank Centre Education Department


Bastien and Bastienne Arias - Mozart, Recitatives - Geoffrey Alvarez (1993) 70ʹ

(1) English Country Opera Peckover House (1993)

(2) Northlands Festival, Ackergill Tower (1994)

(3) Chelse Arts Club

(4) Blackthorpe Barn (1995)


The Raging Goddesses for Two Sopranos Percussionists and Whip (1993)* 8ʹ

Libretto by Sila Kanyua

Toronto, Canada

Selected for the Royal Academy of Musicʹs Composerʹs Festival of 1993


A Mad Tea Party: Chamber Opera (1994) 25ʹ


Piano Concerto (1994) 15ʹ

For Luciano Berio


Branʼs Singing Head for Soprano, Harp and Clarinet (1996) 70ʹ

Commissioned by the Polyphiloi Theatre Company,

First performance by Frances M. Lynch conducted by Geoffrey Alvarez

Spitalfields Workshop Theatre, June 1996


Loveʼs Own Secret for Double Choir, Horn, Soprano, Tenor and Organ (1996) 17ʹ

Text; E. E. Cummings Commissioned by Philip Rudge for the wedding of

Alison Murdoch to Simon Keyes, St. John the Divine, Keninngton, 1996  


The Cimmerian Sibyl for Horn, Violin and Piano (1996) 18ʹ

Nicholas Korth; Horn British Music Information Centre,

1997 Written for Nicholas Korth,

now co-principal horn with the BBC Symphony Orchestra,

then principal of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.


Spinning Night for Trombone and Piano (1997) 15ʹ

Alan Tomlinson, Trombone; Geoffrey Alvarez, Piano

(1) British Music Information Centre. March 25 1997

(2) University of Oxford Contemporary Music Society, 1998

(3) British Trombone Society 13th Annual Festival, November 15 1998


The Laughing Lotus for Woodwind Quintet (1997) 10ʹ

(1) The Oxford University Contemporary Music Society, February 15, 1998

(2) The Oxford University Contemporary Music Ensemble,

Oxford Festival of Contemporary Music, May 15 1998

(3) Harlequin Wind Quintet, British Music Information Centre, March 23 1999


Teares and Lamentaçions: Six Sundry Sighs for ten course lute (1998)

Published by the English Lute Society


The Travelling Musicians: a Pantomine for Wind Quintet (1999-2000) 25ʹ

Commissioned by the Harlequin Wind Quintet. Purcell Room 2001


The Travelling Musicians: a Pantomine for Wind Quintet and

unlimited amateur musicians (1999-2000) 50ʹ

Dartford Grammar School for Girls, July 6 2000


Second Symphony: The Five Seasons (1998-2000) 72ʹ


Psalm XXIII for soprano and piano (2000) 21ʹ

Lisa Nolan, soprano and Christine Grieg, piano

St. Cyprianʼs Church, NW1 October 7 2000


My Last Muse: for bass and orchestra (2000) 29ʹ

A setting of five poems by Robert Graves

in consultation with Julia Simonne, Graves’ last Muse, who inspired the poems.

Patrick Ardagh: Baritone, Alvarez Chamber Orchestra, Julia Simonne: reciter,

Timothy Walker: guitar St. Johnʹs Smith Square, 2008


King Solomon’s Monsters: for two clarinets and bassoon (2000) 10ʹ


Concertino: for piano and chamber orchestra (2001) 18ʹ
For Luciano Berio

Recommended work: I International Uuno Klami Composition Competition 2003-2004 
Prizewinning work: Tansman International Competition of Musical Personalities, Lodz, 2007  

The Eternal Hill: For female voice, clarinet and piano (2001) 10ʹ


Mandala 9.74: For voice and clarinet (2001) 17ʹ


El Duende: for tenor and piano (2002) 25ʹ

A setting of six poems by Federico García Lorca for Kevin West.


Saeta: for bass and amateur and professional musicians (2002)

A street procession setting a poem by Geoffrey Álvarez

in homage to Federico García Lorca.

Tríptico Nicaragüense: for tenor and piano (2002) 24ʹ
A setting of three poems by Ruben Darío

El primer olor: for baritone and lute (2003) 

A setting of a poem by Geoffrey Álvarez, published by the

Lute Society of America.


Magnificat: for SATB chorus (2004) 7ʹ46ʺ

first performance The Waltham Singers

conducted by Andrew Fardell 2010


crocus: for banjo and violin (2005)


Nunc dimittis: for SATB chorus and organ (2006) 6ʹ52ʺ

Premiere at the wedding of Tamsyn Steel to Michael David Rose

September the 16th 2006 in St Peterʹs Church, Mevagissy, Cornwall


Superstring Quartet (2006)


Two portraits of Lodz: 17ʹ13ʺ

The Old Jewish Cemetary in Lodz (2008)

for string orchestra

Alvarez Chamber Orchestra, Polish Embassy in London, 2008 


Fantasia on Tansmanʼs Last Theme: Alla Polacca (2008)

for string orchestra

Alvarez Chamber Orchestra, St. Johnʹs Smith Square, 2008



Symphony No.3: El tempano (2008)

for string orchestra, timpani and snare drum

Alvarez Chamber Orchestra, St. Johnʹs Smith Square, 2008

Symphony No.4: the Breath of Life
(2009) 25ʹ33ʺ
For thirteen winds


Missa Regina Elissa: (2009) 20ʹ26ʺ  

for chorus, timpani, organ and strings

La profecía última del rey: Opera in five acts (2003-2009)

Three pieces from the La profecía última del rey
a nine-hour dream in five operas - each piece may be performed separately.

Alunas Creation

2: Danzamar espiral
Ballet – for orchestra  

3: El corazón del mundo 9ʹ22ʺ

Aria for soprano and orchestra


The Cradle & the Mill (2009)10ʹ15ʺ

Two Traditional Galician melodies arranged for solo piano


Symphony No.5: Ceridwenʼs Cauldron (2010) 26ʹ22ʺ

for three harps and two pianos


Symphony No.7: hyperborea (2010)13ʹ46ʺ 

Hiperbórea (2015) 5ʹ32ʺ

extract from Symphony No.7 for eight winds

premiere on video

Bóreas Ventus - Harmonie alternativa II 

conducted by Pablo Rojas                         


Symphony No.8: St Paulʹs Shipwreck (2012) 33ʹ42ʺ

Premiere, Kevin Bowyer, 2016

Glasgow University Contemporary Organ Music Platform;

London premiere, Tom Bell, St Paul's Cathedral, May 2018.


Symphony No.9 - la Nicaragüense: Cántico Cósmico (2010) 40ʹ26ʺ
for orchestra, soprano and bass soloists and choir

The Camomile Pillow
(2012) 6ʹ15ʺ
for cello ensemble


Magnificat Excorde (2016) 9ʹ29ʺ

for SA chorus and strings


Hölderlinfenster: Song Cycle (2014)103ʹ11ʺ

for high voice and pianoforte

Three of these twelve songs and the introduction to this cycle were performed by

soprano Carola Schlüter and pianist Olaf Joksch in Offenbach in 2016


Reed Bed: symphonie pastorale (2015) 19ʹ37ʺ
or clarinet ensemble

Symphony No.10:
La Noche Oscura del Alma (2015) 18ʹ55ʺ
for chamber orchestra and harpsichord


Symphony No.11: Whitening Winds (2015) 12ʹ45ʺ

for symphonic wind ensemble


Quaternity: String Quartet (2015) 14ʹ18ʺ


Symphony No.12: Citrinitas (2010) 37ʹ16ʺ

for solo organ


Elishaʼs Prime Star (2015) 16ʹ25ʺ
for organ, brass ensemble and percussion

Premiere: Edmund Aldhouse, organ Prime Brass Ensemble,

Conductor Paul Trepte Ely Cathedral in 2015

St Paul
ʼs Shipwreck & Serpent (2014) 35ʹ30ʺ

for organ and brass ensemble
Premiere: Daniel Zaretsky, organ; the Malta Symphony Orchestra Brass Ensemble,

St Paul's Cathedral, Valleta, Malta, 2016

Draco (2016) 43ʺ
for wind ensemble and Hammond organ

Tliet għanjiet ta’ tluq ġodda:
A Maltese song-cycle (2017) 24ʹ36ʺ

setting three poems by Ruzar Briffa for low voice and pianoforte

Is-sliem għalek, Marija: A Maltese Ave Maria (2017) 8ʹ14ʺ
for baritone, trumpet and organ

Symphony No.13: Les Noces Chemiques (2017) 30ʹ49ʺ
for large organ and symphony orchestra

Girolamo Abos (1715-1760)

Dixit Dominus (1758) for chamber orchestra, soprano, contralto and bass

with a new realisation of the basso continuo for harpsichord by Geoffrey Álvarez


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