Geoffrey Alvarez: chamber music




Toccata Wagogo

for solo piano



sample score digital realisation duration 13′ 17″


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The Cradle an the Mill a meditation

on two Galician folk songs

for solo piano



score digital realisation duration 10′ 11″



for piano duet


sample score digital realisation duration 7′ 23″





El primer olor

for baritone and lute


peruse and purchase score duration circa 2′


Also published in The Lute Society of America Quarterly

Volume XXXIII, 1998 Issue No. 4


A Plaine and Easy Introduction to New Lute Musicke Parte One, by Betsy Small



Teares and Lamentations Six Sundry Sighs

for ten course lute


sample score duration 13′ 17″


Edition Published by the Lute Society ISBN 0 905655 32 X

  1. Alisimon’s Pursuit

  2. Lady Luckett’s Lachrimae: a dolorous Dumpe

  3. Doctor Foster’s Fancy

  4. Father Fazackerley’s Pestilence

  5. St. Andrews Complainte

  6. Mistress Gillie Johnsons Goodnight


Sith that dear Voice... Is reft from Earth to tune those spheres above, What art thou now but a harbinger of woe? Thy pleasing notes by pleasing notes no more, But Orphan wailings to the fainting ear, Each stop a sigh, each sound draw forth a tear... From To His Lute by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585-1649)


Illustration: Hendrick ter Brugghen (1588 - 1629) Lute player 1624

National Gallery, London. No. 6347



Mixed Ensemble



Kerb Crawling

ballet for ten instruments




flute/Piccolo, Oboe/Cor Anglais, Clarinet in A, Horn in F,

Pianoforte, 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass.


score • duration 20′ 00



  1. Anemone, York Festival, 1989

  2. Nottingham University (1989)

  3. Oxford University Sinfonia, (1998)


for flute, viola and harp details



for flutes, clarinets, soprano

and percussion details


Songs My Parrot Taught Me: a Carnival of Domestic Animals


soprano, alto, tenor, clarinet,

violin, violoncello and pianoforte







The Cimmerian Sybil

Horn Trio


score • duration circa 20


Painting of the Cimmerian Sybil by Guercino (1591 -1666)


Beyond the Black Sea

In the frozen northern wastes

beyond the the Caucasus

Dwells the Cimmerian Sibyl.


Apollo descends to receive the

plentiful blessings

from her cornucopia.


© Copyright Geoffrey Alvarez In homage to Fainlight’s  poem

‘The Cimmerian Sibyl’ (Hutchinson, 1980)



Tres mundos para dos jugadores

for bass clarinet and marimba


written for the Dúo Antwerp


score digital realisation duration 12′ 50


Brans Singing Head:

for soprano, clarinet and harp details


Orchestral material available for hire or

purchase from Geoffrey Alvarez







sample score digital realisation duration 14′ 13



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The Camomile Pillow

for cello ensemble details



for violoncello and pianoforte


first performance 1985 by Susan Hargreaves violoncello,

Dominic Saunders piano, University of York.


sample score digital realisation duration 17′ 19



Wind & Brass



King Solomon’s Monsters:

for two clarinets and bassoon


view and purchaseduration 17′ 19


Spinning Night

for trombone and piano


peruse and purchase duration 20′  


Alan Tomlinson, trombone; Geoffrey Álvarez, piano

  1. British Music Information Centre. March 25 1997

  2. University of Oxford Contemporary Music Society, 1998

  3. British Trombone Society 13th Annual Festival, November 15 1998

A virtuoso exploitation of the unique talents of trombonist Alan Tomlinson drawing on the symbolism of the longest night of the year: the trombonist exorcises the dark spirits of the dying year by literally spinning to ensure the world returns to the light.



Reed Bed

clarinet choir details


The Travelling Musicians

wind quintet details  


The Laughing Lotus

wind quintet details


Brass Etchings

for brass quintet details