Geoffrey Alvarez: operas





Bastien and Bastienne


Arias (in German) - Mozart,

Recitatives (in English) -  Geoffrey Alvarez (1993)


excerpt Duration: 70'

Commissioned in 1993 by English Country Opera


Review in The European


BASTIENNEa shepherdess soprano
BASTIEN her lover mezzo soprano
COLASa quack magician bass


 First four seasons:


(1) English Country Opera Peckover House (1993)

(2) Northlands Festival, Ackergill Tower (1994)

(3) Chelsea Arts Club

(4) Blackthorpe Barn (1995)



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excerpt recording •  duration 42′




flute/piccolo oboe/cor anglais clarinet bassoon

horn trumpet tenor trombone with F attachment

pianoforte 5 violins 3 violas 4 violoncelli 2 double basses


Illustration of The Tell-Tale Heart by Harry Clarke originally printed in

Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination, 1919 London: Harrap

Composers note


I conducted the first staged performance at the Royal Academy of Music Opera Department 1984. The libretto was written by a fellow student, Robin Lewis. The work's structure draws heavily on Lorenzs Das Geheimnis der Form bei Richard Wagner, an analysis of Wagner's late operas which finds a wealth of formal devices from Bar Form (AAB) to symphonic thinking providing the structural underpinning of these ostensibly flamboyantly Romantic works: there is a symphonic structure to the whole  and a structural parallelism between the first and second Acts. The musical language is one of my first excursions into the twelve-tone universe and the expressionist world of Berg and Schoenberg.


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ALICE soprano
THE DORMOUSE mezzo soprano




flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trombone ,

pianoforte, violin, viola, violoncello, double-bass


download licence £2 

printed copy postage included: £14  

Orchestral material available for hire or purchase from Geoffrey Alvarez



La profecía última del rey


The Kings Last Prophecy

by Geoffrey Álvarez


a dream in five operas woven, in large part,

from the life and beliefs of the Kogi of Colombia. 



The Earth has been violated by her sons. She is barren.

The King is mad. Can the death of the sick King at the

innocent hand of his own mother atone for the sins of the sons?

No. It is not enough: dying, the King tells of the end of the world.


Can the sacrifice of Isla Bella, daughter of the sun,

drowning in her own blood, be sufficient to stop

the serpent of greed devouring her father?

Director Keith Warner:

This really is a piece that deserves great support

and MUST be furthered: fresh, original and exciting.


Listen to the death of Isla Bella and the serpents struggle with the sun here.


Orchestras, choirs, and opera companies interested in contributing to the development of the project should and have a glance here and contact

Geoffrey Alvarez for further details.



Hard copies of perusal scores and libretti of the entire nine hour cycle

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